About Us

Founded back in 1995, Twills was launched with a Strong Legacy and aspiration to conceptualize the idea of distinctive fashion in the minds of young and uber cool men. With the zeal for design innovation and authentic fashion at its heart, Twills has created its own niche in the market through its integrated style and fresh colors for the growing Indian consumer class.

We were just a team of guys with our first collection of colored cotton trousers, and in less than 25 years we evolved ourselves as a one stop solution and an expert in conveying International code in Indian Comforts.

Twills has about 600 dedicated employees and marketers across India to provide best class catering and one of its kind buying experience. Gender and Cultural differences are considered to be an advantage with a collaborative working atmosphere promoting fashion, exploring different market segment and thus good results.

“We are brothers of Fashion, a club, a community bonded by our consumers”

    Product Lines

    From Semi to Casuals; from smart trouser to comfortable jeans, Twills has made its way to impress men who love to take lifestyle at its best. Style a perfect outfit to your corporate meetings and hit the spot between work and play. Be it a Saturday night, cozy afternoon or a dinner date, Twills has something for every occasion that a young, smart and stylish man looks for.

    Keeping our versatility & Unique sense of style in focus, our first tagline was “Twills : Wear it your way”. To match up to our young and energetic customer persona, our tagline was reinvented to “Show your Twills Power”.

    Our designers innovate and bring in contemporary elements prints and combinations through every collection of ours that maintains the right balance of chic and naughtiness. With our core design and marketing team closely related to trends, we provide the best of fashion in competitive prices to complete and refresh a man’s wardrobe with major categories : Shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, Chinos, Shorts, Joggers, Sweatshirts, Jackets and Hoodies.


    Brand Identity

    We believe that the road to success is paved with great partnerships built on mutual values and benefits, hard work and long lasting relationships. Only in that way can we reach our common goal to create the best experience for our customers. In 2008, Twills marked a milestone in its journey, by setting up its first flagship store of 5000 sqft in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Now, we are accessible across the length and breadth of the country with a whopping numbers of 180 branded chain stores, 4000+ MBO’s, 100 SIS’s and all Key large format stores, growing our reach organically in all these years. We are proud to disclose that the brand is sold at 4300 Point of sales across the country.

    With modern and bold approach, it about giving our guys that ‘aha’ experience of our brand universe via workshops and townhall’s bringing together more than 400 Employees from all the departments of the company.

    Good quality, good service and good vibes – always at the same affordable price. This is the philosophy behind our brand and helps our brothers identify with us and feel confident and comfortable with our products.

    Brand Social Life

    The Twills consumers are informal, relaxed and easy-going-guys. Weather they are having a chillout session with friends, watching a cricket game at the stadium or gaming at home, they want to feel at ease and let their styles express their identity. Our consumer is looking for clothing that makes him feel sociable, popular and secure, allowing him to transition effortlessly from one occasion to another.

    With history of sponsorships and ambassador collaborations, our image has been enhanced by relationships with strong, performance driven personalities including athletes and passionate up-and-comers. Our collaborations with Aadhi Pinisetty (up-coming Indian actor) and Jasprit Bumrah (One of India’s finest bowler) made the brand more spirited and younger. Our association with Bumrah has changed the perspective of the brand’s product lines and redefined our audience to be more fashion savvy.

    We strongly believe in giving back to the society and environment involving our customers and employees, because we care. We have been continuously putting efforts to make the brands supply chain more transparent to reduce the foot prints year by year. As cotton is our most important fiber, we must ensure that its grown with consideration for the environment and the people. Out recent campaign of seeded tags for all the product have added it to our efforts.